The Muhlenberg Department of 艺术 was founded in 1953 by internationally famous sculptor George Rickey. 在此后的几十年里, art at Muhlenberg has exp而且ed with an interdisciplinary, 互动与国际焦点. Our rigorous visual arts curriculum is built on a foundation made strong by Muhlenberg’s broad-based liberal arts programming.

学生可以在这两门课上攻读主修和辅修 工作室艺术 而且 艺术历史, 而且 diverse course offerings offer preparation for not only M.F.A. 和Ph值.D. 项目遍布全国和世界各地, but for success in fields as varied as art education, 刊物编辑设计, 医疗插图, 医学与法律.



Department of 艺术 Anti-Racism 而且 Inclusivity Statement


  • We believe everyone should be treated with integrity 而且 respect. 每个人都会被倾听, challenged 而且 guided towards a more engaged perspective of humanity 而且 cultural production. We model material process, critical engagement 而且 visual analysis in the classroom.


  • We recognize 而且 challenge the hierarchies of knowledge in the classroom. 我们提倡一个开放的环境, direct communication allows us to have reflective conversations about that legacy in the visual arts. 我们欢迎交叉身份, 经历, 学生的观点和能力, 教职员及职员. 


  • 我们致力于反种族主义的做法. We are dedicated to exp而且ing cultural perspectives 而且 frameworks. In an effort to dismantle white supremacist ideology, we teach a broad range of global art production 而且 a diversity of art historical methodologies. 




专业 & 未成年人